Visualization Analysis and Design

Overview of Tamara Munzners book on data visualization

From what I see, Tamara Munzner has written the definitive book on visualization, at least for the decade. It's well written but also very dense. So it's useful to have a compilation of her visual summaries at hand while reading it.

Compilation of the visual chapter summaries from the first five chapters.

Targets as visual aggregation tasks

Munzner's "targets" map very well to the visual aggregation tasks proposed by Albers et al.1:

Except for the "summary" operation.

  1. D. Albers Szafir, S. Haroz, M. Gleicher, and S. Franconeri, “Four types of ensemble coding in data visualizations,” Journal of Vision, vol. 16, no. 5, p. 11, Mar. 2016.