Studying information visualization

What an information visualization profile could look like

After being admitted for the computer science masters programme at the FHNW, I was asked to define a profile I would like to work towards. From the start it had been clear that I wanted to have information visualization at the center of my studies. But what should an information visualization curriculum look like? To my surprise, I didn't find a university which offered a complete information/data visualization programme. It's usually just a single course mostly in design or computer science programmes.1 So I took on the challenge and composed my own curriculum. It's naturally based on the courses that are available to me at the FHNW. But maybe it's interesting to someone else, looking for some input, like me.

Update (6.10.2017)

Here is the list of classes that I took which seemed relevant:

  • Information Visualization (obviously)
  • Predictive modelling (different statistical modelling techniques)
  • Data processing with Python
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning

What I am missing most in this list are more communication-related things like writing, visual communication, etc.