Media engineer from Switzerland.
I have learned the ins and outs of print production at Stämpfli Publications Ltd during four great years. • Even though I love printed media, I love digital media almost as much. This led me to work on several websites, in several languages, with several CMSs over several years. Somewhere in between I had the chance to work on a print to web-workflow which only really makes sense in the given context. Ended up at the technical university of western Switzerland where the above things are nicely blended together into a degree with the describing name «print and interactive media management». • After exploring ways to connect businesses and universities at Business2School, I find my self once again back at the university. • The technical university of north-western Switzerland to be precise (and yes, it's not the same as before). For my Masters Degree in Computer Science I will do research on information visualization in the context of Open Data. Drop me a line if these topics interest you too.

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